Ski Hesperus was Open for the 2009-2010 Season.
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Ski Hesperus
Photo credit: Eric Wessman used with permission 
Skiing at Hesperus has been Awesome this Year.
Hesperus Snow Conditions are Excellent. With anything more than a 50 inch base, the oak brush terrain between the runs and in both adjacent bowls is now excellent powder terain. 110% of the area is open with 20 Year Record SNOW CONDITIONS. The Aspen Glade (Skiers left of G's) is now as good at it has ever been. Thank Brian for clearing out all the puckerbrush and dead and down trees.
Ski Hesperus is Southwest Colorado's Local's Secret. It is a no frills "mom and pop" ski area located on US Highway 160, 11 miles west of Durango, Colorado. It is the perfect place for locals to get in shape and work out the kinks prior to those trips to the big mega-resort ski areas. Frankly, would you rather work out at the gym after work or get in 4+ hours of night skiing. There is something magical about skiing powder at night when it is snowing. Some of us even prefer to ski here. Even a couple days after the storm, there is often more challenging terrain and powder skiing right here at Hesperus than we ever get at those other areas all things considered. Ski Hesperus is also the perfect place to bring a bus loads of kids; they don't get lost, they have a lot of fun, and they get to do it all, skiing, snow boarding, tubing. With sufficient time to secure staff for your day, the Hesperus Ski Area can open the mountain on a weekday to accomodate your private group. Skiing with a group is fun, Skiing untracked new snow at your own private ski area for a day -- Priceless.
Top of Lone Juniper
Pitch's Homemade Chili
Aspen Glade
Brian repacking the sled
Bruce patrolling Gee Whiz

There is no better place to learn.

Ski Hesperus is Colorado's most affordable lift ticket. Tell a friend. Better yet, bring your family and friends, make some turns, and avoid the crowds and high expenses of skiing those big corporate (real estate, shopping, fine dining) ski areas. At Ski Hesperus it is all about the skiing and riding, being safe, and having fun. You have ridden the antique train from Durango to Silverton and visited the antique housing development that is Mesa Verde.... When you're in the Four Corners in winter make a plan to stop by and visit Ski Hesperus. This is skiing the way it used to be before high speed quads and before the corporate mega resorts misplaced the "soul" of skiing.

Ski Hesperus is Open for the 2007-2008 Season.
Hesperus will be open Thursday Feb 13th, 14th, 15th and President's Day February 18, 2008
from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Night Skiing began on Monday January 7th 2008.
Regular Season Hours:
Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Sunday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Weeknights 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Spring Break, Snowdown and Special Weekday Events to Be Determined.

See the video in the links section below for footage from the 2007 event.

Snow Report:
Base: 63" (75" a 20-year record on 02/04/2008)
New 0" (last 24 hours).
Powder/Packed Powder
Road Conditions:
Clear. Always Watch for Icy Spots on Shady Corners
Call (970) 259-3711
or check the Official Blog in the links below for more current conditions.
Call (970) 259-3711
or write:
Hesperus Ski Area
PO Box 167
Hesperus, CO 81326
Group Rates:
School, Church and Corporate Groups and Family Season Passes are also Available. Call for details.
Season Passes:

Adult: $
Junior/Senior $

Student $
Night $
All Day Lift Tickets:

Adult $
Junior $ (12 and under)

Night Tickets:
Adult $
Junior $
Adult $
Juniors $
Tubing Hill Access:
$/hour (includes the tube)
Snow Katz Kids: Program Starts
January 14th 2008 call to register.
Ski Rentals:
Adult $
Junior $
Snow Board and Boots:
First Time Package:
Includes Group lesson, Lift Ticket and
Rental Equipment. 
Adult $
Junior $
Tube Rental:
Ski Hesperus at Night
Ski Hesperus at Night
Ski Hesperus at Night From the Top of Quick Draw looking down at the Base Area and Tubing Hill.
Ski Hesperus Snow Conditions
Daily Snow conditions reported at

OEC Refresher, On-the-Hill refresher, and a Night Lift Evacuation have been completed. OEC Course and Ski and Toboggan Training are ongoing. The Annual Avalanche School has been completed. Thank you Don and Kathy Fritch for your years of dedicated volunteer service.
The 45th Annual Ski Swap is scheduled for the first Saturday in November (Friday checkin, Saturday sale, Sunday item and or money pickup.) The unclaimed items from the Swap are Donations to the Ski Patrol.  Coats and clothing items were donated to charity. A number of the old obsolete "Straight Skis" are destined for recycling into Deck Chairs by the shop class in Shiprock NM. All unclaimed items became automatic donations Sunday at noon, however items priced $50.00 and up are offered an extended grace period and may be claimed through December up at the ski area. Checks for items that sold are mailed to the address you wrote on your manifest. Thank you for your donations and participation.

The Hesperus Ski Patrol is a voting member in good standing of the Rocky Mountain Division NSP. Last I heard, we extend an open invitation to visiting RMD Division Patrollers. Stop in and take a couple turns with us. We'll put you to work. You won't have any fun.

Patrollers can access information regarding courses, voting, bylaws, policies and procedures, catalog orders and pro-deals. Members of all classifications (not including candidates and mountain hosts) are now eligible to vote for board members. Board Members were previously appointed by the chairman. Recently a vote of the membership was cast and the non-member responsive board of directors, including the National Chairman, were replaced. The former executive director resigned and has also been replaced. The changes made are bringing good things for the members that understand that the ski patrol is more than a Outdoor Emergency Care book-publishing Educational organization. If you want to know more about the workings of the National Ski Patrol, login and check out the wealth of patrolling resources available.

A synthesis of weather and snowfall information for the backcountry enthusiast. Current Avalanche forecasts for most regions in the state. The danger is typically highest during and just after the storm on slopes of 38 degrees plus or minus. But there is a lot more to it than that. Recognizing avalanche terrain and then safely assessing the risk, and erroring on the side of caution is key.

(~30 minutes) This video is an instructive account of how the human factor can be deadly in avalanche terrain -- even with highly skilled and avalanche "educated" people. The AVALANCHE DANGER IS MODERATE TO HIGH THIS YEAR IN COLORADO. Be Safe When You Get Out There... Avalanches have and do occur inbounds at Hesperus and in the adjacent bowls. If we put up a rope or cross some bamboo, please please please do not duck under ropes and ski out of bounds or in closed areas. When we close an area, we do it because we don't want to put our volunteers at risk to rescue your maybe dead body. Maybe you get a nice power run, maybe you don't. Avalanches are like that. You will lose your ticket and you could be injured.

Satellite Image of Ski Hesperus

View Larger Map
Double click on the map several times near the placemark to zoom in to view the ski area. I am always amazed at how much detail you can make out from space.

(Note that the Double Chair lift is actually on the left side of the Special and not on the right side of the Face as shown on some older versions of the map.) Map images provided for educational purposes

Ski Hesperus SnowDown Tubercross 2006 Video
(~5 Minutes) This is a 5 meg WMV file. You need Windows Media Player and some time to buffer.

Save Snow
Aspen Ski Corporation was the first in the industry to recognize that global warming or climate change is bad for skiing. Aspen has lots of snow but they have recognized the downward trend and are trying doing something about it. They are perhaps the greenest Ski Area in the USA, (in more ways than one.) What can you do to Save Snow?

Tree Friend - Ski Patrol Cartoon On Utube

If a "Dozen More Turns" did not make you laugh, this might cheer you up.

Colorado Ski History - Hesperus
While there are reports that the area first opened sometime in the late 1950's with a rope tow to the mid way station operated by a pickup truck with the rope looping over the rear wheels, 1962 is probabally accurate when a t-bar was installed straight up the Face. The remains of the T-Bar top station are visible to the west of the current chair unloading station. A surface lift was installed for beginners. Then a Riblet Double-Chair from Mount Bachelor in Oregon replaced the T-Bar in the early 80's. Hesperus also offered 25+ km of groomed cross country classic and skating track to the west of the current area. At one point Hesperus was the headquarters for the Durango Nordic Ski Club and the Durango High School Race team. Access to the backcountry over the ridge and to the south west was provided via groomed trail. The nordic trail system closed in the mid 80's but it could likely be reopened with minimal effort. The area has failed to open 5 seasons (3 years in the mid 80's) over the last 25 years for several reasons. Most recently, lack of early season snow has made for a couple of short seasons. Several new expert and powder runs have been added over the last few years, and yes, Hesperus does run the chair very slowly to make it easier for beginners. One gets time to enjoy the view and no one gets to poach the next line any quicker than you do. Lights for night skiing were added in the 90's as well as a tubing hill. There are several nice area pictures at this site that are fairly recent as the red Tower Pads (and Chair Pads) were added in the 2000's replacing hay bales which were stacked and restacked several times during the season. The Ski Area (the business, not the land which is leased from a third party) is For Sale, but Pitch will operate "business-as-usual" until the right match can be made.

So, if there's snow, the ski area will be here again next year same-time same-place. Please let us know if you have any photos or movies from the early years that could be posted to this site. Remind me to check with Warren Miller Entertainment regarding the Downhill Whitewater Kayak and Canoe race footage from maybe 10 years ago. If you thought extreme tubing looked like fun, you should try it in a kayak or Coleman canoe.

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Send me an email for anything else that is not covered herein. Often it is best to call on the phone to ask your questions and get immediate answers. I will forward any inquiries received to the appropriate contacts. Hesperus does not offer child care services. Sara offers private lessons, but you need to call for pricing and scheduling. Calling during the hours the area is open is still the best way to schedule your group activity. There is no lift service on the tubing hill. One does it the old fashioned way... You can not bring your own tubes or sleds etc. Ski brakes and snowboard leashes are required.

(Note that the area's phones are disconnected 7 months of the year when the area is not open. Calling the ski patrol phone number listed in the phone book when the area is not open may not get your message to anyone in a timely manner.)
Email: info(at)

You are currently viewing the "unofficial" WWW.SKIHESPERUS.COM web site 2008-2010 Marketing Center Associates. The Hesperus Ski Patrol is a member of the Rocky Mountain Division (501C3) of the National Ski Patrol, Inc., a congressionally chartered 501C1 non-profit organization dedicated to safety, training, and service. The Hesperus Ski Patrol RMD (501C3) Ski Swap is the primary fundraising activity for the Volunteer Not-for-Profit Hesperus Ski Patrol. The patrol provides Outdoor Emergency Care, Avalanche Safety, and Rescue training, equipment, and services for benefit of the skiing public at the Hesperus Ski Area and at other areas in the region. In addition to funding volunteer Hesperus Ski Patrol operations at Hesperus, net revenues from the Ski Swap also supports La Plata County Search and Rescue and the Durango Ski Club Foundation. For more information, please contact the Ski Patrol Representative (Brian Armstrong) or a member of the Hesperus Ski Patrol board of directors. Contributions to the National Ski Patrol and related entities are tax deductible according to IRS Rules. The non-profit service and educational entities described above are not related to the Hesperus Ski Area which is a for profit corporation. I would like to see some kind of community effort to preserve Hesperus as a Winter Sports Educational Recreational Area and Museum. If funds could be raised for big down payment on the assets, and a conservation easement could be negotiated to preserve this unique open space, a 501c3 HESPERUS Winter Sports Education Foundation might be created to fund operations and improvements. Perhaps it could be organized so that parks and recreation and Colorado Lottery money could be secured... Contents of this site provided for non-commercial educational purposes.

Thanks for visiting. Save Snow so there will be some for our kids and grandkids.