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  Steve Heising has been supporting Customized TeleMagic Database applications since 1986. He began by writing and updating his own contact managent systems using Radio Shack and Kaypro (before IBM PC) computers, and has been working with TeleMagic and Network Systems since 1986.

Mr. Heising became an independent TeleMagic Authorized Marketing Partner in 1990 and has been building customized sales and marketing systems for a variety of clients ever since. Having tried many other systems over the years, he comes back to TeleMagic everytime as the most reasonable (price/performance) customizable solution available today. He has a love-hate relationship with the management of TeleMagic Inc., (they lack imagination and entreprenerial spirit although recently, they have made several significant improvements), and he is thankful to live and work in the Rocky Mountains and not Texas or California.

Another TeleMagic Dealer In Denver back in 1992 gave him the handle "Dr TeleMagic" because his TeleMagic for dos network installations actually worked. (by now with windows, it should have been an honorary Phd. as in Piled Higher and Deeper)

"TeleMagic, the software isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but when it works properly and becomes a company wide communications solution, it is pretty amazing. TeleMagic, the management team has been getting somewhat better as they are beginning to re-acknowlege the team approach to providing solutions to customer problems. TeleMagic has gotten past the majority of the hurdles they faced with their conversion to a windows 32 bit system and although they are not so well known today as in the past, their product is poised for growth inspite of their marketing efforts." It still isn't perfect partly because of the relentless pace of change, but IMHO is a better choice than the more popular competition at this price point.

"I've tried Act and Goldmine and several of the others and have even tried representing these companies and supporting clients and have been pretty disappointed each and every time." -

Now with the new tools in Version 5. It wont be long before someone builds a truly customizable Goldmine/ACT/solution using TeleMagic....

Steve Heising

  Read the latest TeleMagic

The Readme.txt files contain the only
source of information on what works,
what has been fixed, and what has
been added to the various
versions of TeleMagic.

Here are some from my collection:

TeleMagic 5 readme.rtf 05/07/2001

TeleMagic 4.5.6 Readme.txt

TeleMagic 4.5.5 Readme.txt

System Requirements for TeleMagic 4.x vs
TeleMagic Net Client 4.5

TeleMagic Automation Server

TeleMagic Net Client

TMNC&AS Readme 3/14/01

TMNetClient Browser Edition

  Marketing Center Associates can put TeleMagic and the Internet to work for your business. We build and support customized TeleMagic business communications systems that increase your communications efficiency (saving you money) and productivity (helping you increase sales and or improve your bottom line). We offer a combination of Telephone, PCAnywhere Remote Control and On-Site Services on an hourly, daily or project basis.

Supporting TeleMagic is a moving target. Each time a new version of any program that touches TeleMagic is updated, there are support issues. This includes changes to Anything Windows, Any Word Processing programs and any Linked Accounting systems. Heaven help you if three or four of these change at the same time.

And then each time TeleMagic is upgraded from one version to the next, there are a new set of problems to be addressed. It is the nature of the beast. The development debugging cycle begins anew. It would be easier if they would just get it right the first time and then supporting it would be a lot easier.

Each time you upgrade software, you probabally also need to upgrade your hardware. 32 bit software on machine x is never faster or better than 16 bit software on machine x. If you upgrade and it is too slow, upgrade your hardware.

  Some Annotated TeleMagic FAQ are listed here. This is the stuff you need to know to be successful with telemagic.

TeleMagic and Windows NT/2000

Disable Your Virus Checker

Mininum System Requirements

Recovering from Errors or
(why we make backups)

TeleMagic's Technical Support Web Site

Your TeleMagic Authorized Marketing Partner:   Support is available for TeleMagic from many sources.

Your Authorized Marketing Partner. or the person who sold you TeleMagic (if you are still speaking with them) is your first line of defense. Quite a few TeleMagic resellers I've met will not upgrade TeleMagic once they get it running well, because in the new version stuff that used to work is often broken. This is partly the price we pay for new technology, and partly a huge waste of resources. I have had my share of disasters, where things that should work don't, and the customer doesn't want to wait for TeleMagic to fix it, or even devote additional resouces to find workarounds or other solutions. It is the successes that keep us going. A typical installation would spend x on software and at least x to 3 x on support, customization, and training. If you are not prepared to budget enough resources your chances for success drop off dramatically.


Find a TMAMP Near You

Your amp may be a member of the tmamp-listserver which can be quite depressing when you find out all the ways things can fail in unexpected ways. The first guy to solve the problem will often share the fix with the rest of the AMPS which saves everyone else lots of time. The time is takes to wade thrrought he noise however is lost forever.

TeleMagic Maintenance Agreements:   Your TeleMagic Software Maintenance contract includes unlimited email and fax support. In My experience, often you don't ask the right question, or you get an answer that does not work out and you are stuck without an answer. But you do get all the patches fixes and new releases (read this as, You get to download them and see if they work to solve your problem - maybe, maybe not). You don't get the NET CLIENT or Optional Modules. They are upgrades that are not included with your maintenance unless you have licensed them separately from your 4.x licenses then they presumably include their own maintenance. Maintenance also gives you a steady budget number to work with to keep your software current, but you still have pay someone to do all the work.

I for one would like a notice of the availability of a fix automatically sent to me rather than periodically having to check in for updates. It's generally advisable to have a separate test environment, and a good backup before applying and testing any upgrades. It's never a good idea to assume that everything will go right the first time. And as always, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.


These folks get a lot of email and
can sometimes be very helpful

Download a TeleMagic Patch or Fix
tell them you heard about it from Dr TeleMagic
or just fill out a b c d ...
pick a download and go.

Version 4.x to 4.5.6 Update (including sp2)


SOMETIMES, The Pproblem is YOUR VERSION of Something Else and
a Microsoft Patch or a Fix for Windows

Help Desk:   Your maintenance contract also includes 1 hour of Help Desk Support. 1 hour per installation not 1 hour per user, although a 1-user system and a 10-user system each get one hour here. Additional hours are by credit card or are by Club Magic Support. Some of the technicians are really good, some are new and some are not so good. Often if you ask more than one you get more than one answer. Which is ok, as long as eventually you get an answer. And the sometimes the Hold times can be pretty tough, but eventually I can always get through to talk with someone.
  Try the TeleMagic Web Site,
Knowlege Base and
Web Board
Professional Services Division:   By the hour with TeleMagic Support Desk. Until recently, these people did not actually get out into the field and have to deal with the real world. Now with the advent of the "Professional Services Division", the best of these people will come on-site at $1250/day plus expenses. Fortunately for us some of these folks are really good at it, but if I we were going to contract with them, I would want to insist on some kind of stop loss or other wise set limits on the work There have been more than one occasion where we should have been able to get the software to work and then have invested countless hours only to find out that it doesn't. If you can get it to work great, send me your bill. If not, then I owe you nothing, right? Since they wrote the software and control the release schedules, they should be able to stand behind it with some kind of a performance satisfaction guarantee.
  Or Try the Yahoo
TeleMagicSupport Group

This group was formed by an enterprising network support professional in a attempt to get and share answers to common problems.

As Is Bugs and All:   Unfortunately, with so may real world variables, the only thing we get is Software that is AS IS. Bugs and all. Try it before you buy it. If something doesn't work then so what. If it's really broken, they will fix it eventually, sometimes even right away, sometimes not until after your maintenance and patience run out. And even then you have to backup your system, download and apply the patch(es) and or update(s), and hope the solution actually works in your environment. It never pays to be too close to the bleeding edge in the software business, unless the solution gives you a competative advantage, a big increase in sales, and huge costs savings or at least two out of three. And when it works properly, it gives you all three.

So the best we can get or do is our "Best Efforts".


Remember the Disclaimer
that you Checked OK when
you first started TM?

TeleMagic may not work for you!

No Guarantees
No Warranties:
  THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Nor is TeleMagic merchantable or fit for any purpose whatsoever. ... No incidental or consequential damages... With legalese like that it's a wonder that any body can get it to do anything. It's been a pretty customer unfriendly environment down in Dallas ever since the "team in Texas and owners across the pond" took over. I've been their customer for almost fourteen years, and they continue still expect Us to find and report all their bugs, to constantly download and apply fixes and updates, (fix one thing and two more break) and all the time All We Wanted is for it to work like it is supposed to work. Doesn't anybody really test the stuff before releasing in on unsuspecting customers? I've come to expect it to break in new and mysterious ways every time we try something new, but I don't have to like it. Version 5 is going to be released soon. Now is a good time to get into V3.5c++ or 4.5.6sp2 and get started with proven reliable combinations.

And I've learned over the years to treat my customers better than that. Fifteen years in the TeleMagic business, thats a long time.

TMDOS: V8.3b, V9, V10, V12,V12.3f, V14 V14.2,V14.5 V14.7

TMWindows: V1, V1.5, V2.x, V3.5c+, V4.x, V4.5.6SP2, NC1, NC1.5 and now V5 here we go again.


Be sure your backup system works

Read all about about some real word
TeleMagic Success Stories

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My Telemagic Success Stories

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    If we can Imagine it, we can probabally do it with TeleMagic & Usa.Net
The Parent, Grandparent, and Great Grandparent Companies   Sage U.S.Holdings, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Sage Group, plc. , based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Known for acquiring and developing business niche market products, The Sage Group, plc. is the parent company for numerous software publishers worldwide. Through its aggressive acquisition growth strategy Sage has grown to be the largest publisher of accounting software in the world. Based in Dallas, Texas, Sage U.S. Holdings, Inc. is now approximately 200 employees. Below are the four product lines published by Sage U.S. Holdings, Inc. Visit each product line's Web site by clicking on the banner or the link at the beginning of the product line's description.

Last revised 03/28/2001

  TeleMagic is a well-known leader in the growing category of workforce automation and contact management software. It is a comprehensive business/sales automation system that is designed for enterprise-wide use of a single relational database in companies or departments with up to 100 employees. A complete workgroup package, the program includes many commonly used office automation applications in an integrated design. A sample of the business activities included in TeleMagic are word processing, individual and group faxing with complete mail merge capabilities, Email, activity scheduling and report generation utilizing a full FoxPro report writer.

TeleMagic, first published in 1985, also meets specific needs within a broad range of industries with its complete customization options. The national channel of certified TeleMagic resellers are trained to completely customize TeleMagic to meet the specific requirements of nearly any industry environment.

  So if you get stuck, Call me. Perhaps I'll have a quick answer for you. 303-581-9296. If you leave a message or send an email I'll get back to you.

Best Regards,